Network Solutions

Server Solutions

High-end server’s area unit the backbone of the IT revolution across the planet. Server Solutions in Chennai is important for IT service professional’s agency need to realize this experience and upgrade their skills. From information centers of enormous corporates to offices of little & medium enterprises, server’s area unit used for important operations all over.

Great IT Solutions helps organizations to utilize their existing IT resources in setting up their email servers. We believe that nowadays, Mail Server products should meet the specific messaging needs of any small business, service provider or corporation, while remaining affordable and highly profitable in terms of TCO.

Network security needs for bank, financial industry has grown huge with 100s of products and solutions, sometimes it becomes impossible for the customers to deviate focus from their main stream business and concentrate on product evaluation, float RFP, analyze the bids and finalize a product for their requirements.

Storage Solutions

Nowadays information age is evolving with data populating exponentially. Every organization is looking forward to having a strong and powerful IT infrastructure service management and ensure that the right information is available at the right time to the user irrespective of his location.

The servers, workstations, and mission critical applications which are the vehicles that delivers advanced information to all the users who access the network are integrated seamlessly to provide a strong infrastructural backbone. We support all IT support products like servers, storage, software, networking and different Peripheral product. We also provide IT helpdesk support for our clients.

Networking Solutions

We have a long history of innovation in support services for Servers, Storage, Networking, but our latest capability is a revolution that will change the way you look at saving time and increasing availability.

We can help you to secure your network investment by increasing reliability and performance of your security products with expertise Solution Support for Network Security. This service offers accountability for centralized issue management and resolution for Cisco, Dell Power Connect, Juniper, HP Networking products within Navigator system’s network maintenance.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing is defined as computing based on internet, which allows people to access various data & applications through internet. Cloud computing consists a large pool of systems that are connected in private or public networks that work together to provide dynamic infrastructure for storage. Cloud computing is a big shift from the traditional way of thinking and is being rapidly adopted by businesses of all sizes, industries, & organizations all around the world.

These features lower the ownership cost and work on an Open-based pricing model which is flexible and leads to a very cost-effective IT investment impacting the top and bottom lines of businesses, making them agile & efficient.

Data centre Solutions

Identifying which types of data center services a vendor offers can be tricky because the industry doesn't have a standard terminology. Some organizations even lump their cloud computing services in with their data center services, which can make things confusing.

Incredibly customizable and instantly provisioned colocation services, virtual private servers and dedicated hosting with nearly 100% uptime guarantee gives you freedom to choose the solution you want from the server you choose.

Wireless Solutions

Our Wireless network installation services experience in deploying indoor Wi-Fi solutions will add coverage where none existed or expand the coverage of your current systems.

Our Security remote monitoring service provides the client with central monitoring and control point for sites based anywhere in the world. These systems can also allow access via a laptop / PDA device, giving the client remote control over any of their systems at anytime from anywhere in world.

Structured Cabling

While network cable can be the simplest piece of equipment in a network, Without good voice and data cable connections between devices, your computer equipment — no matter how sophisticated or great.

Voice Cabling is large-scale and strategically important for all businesses. Installing voice and data cabling in any business may seem like a big undertaking as it involves damaged cables, and attaching jacks, but there is more to it than just running cables.

Voice cabling is the connection between your end device such as your PC, telephone, printer or fax to the world of technology allowing it to be used in your business.

The power cables are of high quality and long lasting. Different types and with different specifications are available. Plastic materials are generally used today, except for high-reliability power cables. The term has also come to be associated with communications because of its use in electrical communications.